Past Events

ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre-Europe) has organized annual events since 2008. Our Summit changes location each time so that we can learn more about how the hosting country implements specific policies and good practices we can all learn from. The events are always run in collaboration with local partners and often focused on a specific topic.

Below you will find the links to the blogposts and other information on the Summits (also known as annual conference) that we have organised over the years.

XIII. ALL DIGTIAL Summit 2020 #AllDigitalEU | Brussels, Berlin, Foligno, 7-8 October
XII. ALL DIGTIAL Summit 2019 #AllDigitalEU | Bologna, Italy, 10-11 October
XI. ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018  “Digital Journey: From Inclusion to Empowerment” #AllDigitalEU | Brussels, Belgium, 18-19 October
X. ALL DIGITAL Summit 2017 “Digital Skills for Social Innovation” #AllDigitalEU | Barcelona, Spain, 4-5 October
IX. Telecentre-Europe Annual Conference 2016 “Digital Skills for Future Work” #TEAC16 | Ghent, Belgium, 6-8 October
VIII. Telecentre-Europe Annual Conference 2015 #TEAC15 | Belgrade, Serbia, 24-25 September
VII. Telecentre-Europe Annual Conference 2014 #TEAC14 | Zagreb, Croatia, 24-26 September
VI. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2013 | Valletta, Malta, 24-25 October
V. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2012 “Jobs for Youth and Ageing Online” | Warsaw, Poland, 17-18 October
IV. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2011 “Telecentres: get to work” | Brussels, Belgium, 27-28 October
III. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2010 “Joining up for European e-Inclusion” | Budapest, Hungary, 13-14 October
II. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009 | Istanbul, Turkey, 14-15 October
I. Telecentre-Europe Summit 2008 | Riga, Latvia, 8-9 April