Speakers 2019

Speakers are presented in the alphabetical order by last name

Olivier Crouzet
Director of Pedagogy at Ecole 42


With a scientific background, Olivier Crouzet got a master’s degree in IT engineering. During his studies, he acted both as a technical assistant and a teaching assistant. After working for 2 years as system administrator in the 3rd French Internet service provider, he started and developed over the next thirteen years a well-known IT school, which became a major French institution. He designed the pedagogical model and directed its evolution.

Based on this educational success, he created a new IT School 42 in 2013 with Nicolas Sadirac, Kwame Yamgnane and Florian Bucher, promoting an even more advanced training methodology, called Peer-Learning. Olivier Crouzet designed this model: 100%-project-based, without any teacher, lecture or knowledge transfer. Students debate, exchange ideas, try, fail, try again, to reach the goal, and, finally, evaluate their peers. Founded and funded by Xavier Niel, owner of one of the four French telecoms, ’42’ is free for the students. In this spirit of social inclusion and openness, Olivier Crouzet, while still evolving the pedagogical model of the school, is also promoting an evolution in the French education system through various conferences.


Monica Divitini
Professor of Cooperation Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Monica Divitini is professor of cooperation technologies at the Department of Computer Science of NTNU. She has more than 20-year active experience in research with focus on technology enhanced learning, game-based learning, cooperation technology, mobile and IoT computing, user-centered design approaches.

She is leading the TESEO research lab, with focus on the design, development, and evaluation of cooperation technologies, addressing issues connected to creativity, social interaction, and connectedness in learning. She is also in the management team of the Norwegian Center for Excellence in IT education – Excited, one of the ALL DIGITAL members. In the center, she is responsible for the project to promote IT education in schools. She was unit responsible for the recently completed EU project UMI-Sci-Ed on UMI for STEM education, with responsibility for the overall evaluation of the project.


Mara Jakobsone
Vice-president and Information Society and Digital Skills project manager at LIKTA


Mara Jakobsone is Vice-president and Information Society and Digital Skills project manager at LIKTA. Until 1999 she was working as researcher and assistant professor at the University of Latvia. In 1993 Mara established the first ICT publication in Latvia – journal “Dator Pasaule“ and was editor-in-chief until 2005. She holds a Master degree in Economic Cybernetics (University of Latvia) and Doctoral degree in Economics and Statistics from the Institute of Finances and Economics, St. Petersburg Russia, and University of Latvia.

She is experienced in managing research, education and innovation projects at national and European level and has excellent skills in advocacy related to digital society and digital skills development for citizens and SMEs.

Mara is the coordinator of the National Digital Skills Coalition and ALL DIGITAL Week campaign in Latvia. She has been contributing to the development of ALL DIGITAL since 2010, being a Board member since 2010 and Chair of the Board during 2012-2019.

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Achilles Kameas
Associate Professor at the Hellenic Open University

Achilles Kameas

Achilles Kameas is Associate Professor with the Hellenic Open University, where he teaches Pervasive Systems and Software Design. He is the Director of the Postgraduate Study Programme on “Engineering of Pervasive Computing Systems”, the Head of DAISSy (Dynamic Ambient Intelligent Social Systems) Research Group, and Chair of the Board of ALL DIGITAL European network.

Achilles pioneered the realization of the Ambient Intelligence vision; nowadays he contributes to creating an equal and inclusive society via the development of the digital skills and scientific knowledge of ALL citizens.

He has participated in more than 30 EU and national projects (coordinated more than 10 of them), has published over 150 journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, and authored / co-edited more than ten books. He has contributed to the standardization of European e-competences framework, the application of DigComp framework and the development of ESCO. His current interests include learning platforms and MOOCs, education for inclusive society, flexible learning pathways, STEM education, digital and ICT competence frameworks, and of course, Internet of Things and mobile computing systems.

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Stefano Kluzer
Digital inclusion expert at ART-ER

Stefano KluzerAn economist by education (Bocconi University and Ph.D. London School of Economics), Stefano Kluzer worked on three broad topic areas in his professional life. From mid-80s to mid-90s, he studied and carried out projects on the use of digital technologies and technical change in developing countries (Southern Africa and Latin America). From the mid-90s until 2006, he worked on information society projects and policies in Emilia Romagna region and on the first Italian e-government plan in Rome. In the last decade, his interests shifted to digital inclusion issues: first as senior researcher at JRC Seville of the European Commission and then as policy advisor and project consultant at national and European level. Recently, he has carried out studies and projects on digital competence development in the light of the European digital competence framework for all citizens (DigComp). He is currently a freelance researcher consultant, based in Modena province, Emilia Romagna.


Roberto Lejarzegi
Digital Competences Consultant at Ibermatica


Working as a consultant in ibermaticadigital.com since 1996, in projects related to eLearning, Innovation and development of Digital Competences in Ikanos Project (Promotion and adoption of European digital competence framework DigComp in the Basque Country) carrying out activities such as design and management of ikanos test, design of a Personal Learning Environment model for ikanos and the Professional Digital Profile model as well as the International Dissemination of the Ikanos project.


Filippo Mantione
Head of Communication Area at Lai-momo


Filippo Mantione is Communication Manager at Lai-momo and has more than 15 years of working experience as Project Manager and Communication Specialist in the field of social innovation, ICT and communication. Throughout the years he has planned and developed several projects and initiatives with a particular focus on the development and moderation of educational digital platforms.

He has collaborated as Communication Specialist and Moderator to Compass, a free and interactive learning platform, aimed at helping young Europeans evaluate and develop their digital competences in line with the current digitalisation of the economy.

Filippo is also Project Manager-Italy for Direction Employment, a just-started project aiming at defining and developing training programs on ICT for NEET youth, suffering from multiple discrimination (i.e. Roma, LGBTI, refugees, single mothers, disabled) to foster their inclusion in the labour sector.


Davide Marocco
Associate professor of Psychometrics at the University of Napels Federico II


Davide Marocco is Associate Professor of Psychometrics at the University of Naples Federico II. He works with computational models for research and evaluation in psychology with particular interest in the use of innovative assessment methods, such as serious games for negotiation, effective communication and conflict resolution, and innovative methods of psychological analysis. His research activity is centered on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Modeling.

Previously, he was Professor in Cognitive Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the University of Plymouth, and researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the CNR of Rome; he is the coordinator of various European projects in the context of the use of technology in psychological intervention. Between the most recent is the Erasmus+ ACCORD project which aims to define an educational tool that integrates theoretical and practical aspects on conflict management in intercultural domain in the school context.


Paolo Martinelli
CEO at Archilabò

Paolo MartinelliPaolo Martinelli is CEO at Archilabò – a non-profit organization, which tackles educational poverty. He is a PhD candidate in Philosophy, Science, Cognition and Semiotics at Bologna Research Center for Knowledge and Cognition (University of Bologna).

His research activities deal with new literacy studies and the role of cognitive semiotics and neuroscience on theory of learning and learning disabilities.

He collaborates with ART-ER and La Carovana STEM project promoting STEM education in schools. More



Martina Mayrhofer
Partner and Member of the Board of Colectic


Martina is passionate about FLOSS, she works with tools like Debian GNU/Linux, Drupal or Arduino, she loves learning-by-doing and the philosophy of free/libre software. After working with women’s associations, studying computer science and living about 10 years in Vienna,  she moved to Barcelona in 2005.

She is a partner at Colectic SCCL and member of the board, where she works in system administration, cooperates in projects on community empowerment through open source technologies. She coordinates Code Club Catalonia, a network of volunteers promoting computational competences for kids through creative coding activities. She co-authored “Programari lliure i de codi obert/Societat lliure i govern obert” (Free and open source software / Open society and open government), published 2016 by Xarxa d’Innovació Pública (Network for Public Innovation).

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Frank Mockler
Head of Programme Standards at ICDL Foundation

Frank MocklerFrank Mockler is Head of Programme Standards at ICDL Foundation. In this role, he manages the strategic direction, development, and maintenance of ICDL Foundation’s certification programmes, as well as the quality assurance system that supports programme delivery. He currently chairs the organisation’s Product Strategy Group as well as its Quality Assurance Committee.

He has been involved in a range of international initiatives, including the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills, and he has provided expert input into activities including the refinement of the EU’s DigComp competence framework as well as various funded projects, including the Online4EDU project on online collaborative tools for teachers. Prior to joining ICDL Foundation in 2005, he worked as a self-employed consultant in instructional design and technical writing, as a senior manager in the e-learning industry, and as technical editor and writer. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and of the University of Essex.


Francesca Montemagno
Co-founder and managing partner of Smartive

FrancescaFrancesca combines experience from the corporate world as a co-founder of Smartive, a start-up that supports big companies in the digital transformation; as advisor on open data and citizen participation for local authorities and as a board member of an NGO in the field of social inclusion.

She is Co-founder & Managing Partner of Smartive, a service company for digital and culture transformation. She is also a Policy Advisor working with the Councilor for Participation, Open Data and Digital Citizenship and Speaker and Lecturer for the Business School of Sole 24 ore (Master on digital strategy and transformation).

She has solid background as Marketing and Policy Director in the industry of Packaging and recycling and in that of Energy. An international education: law studies followed by a specilization in marketing and relations.
Engaged with the non-profit trough “Young Women Network” & “Associazione Luca Coscioni”. Ambassador for “Know&BeLive”. European citizen, Italian & German mother tongue.

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Pep Oliveras
Trainer at Colectic

Pep Oliveras

Educator, consultant and trainer in the use of ICT.  As an e-facilitator, Pep conducts training workshops for adults and young people, groups at risk of social exclusion, associations and organizations.

Pep considers himself an eternal learner, awake to find and discover new things. He worked as computer technical support, helpdesk and technical maintenance, also as a programmer, application integrator, and as head of ICT projects. He is an indy developer of mobile apps and videogames and a maker space promoter. Currently at COLECTIC, in Barcelona, doing coding and robotics workshops, elaborating training materials, implementing project implementation RavalFAB (maker space), developing tutorials and online training, providing technical support, maintenance and consulting assistance to non-profit organizations.

Pep is a secretary member of Digital Social Dinamization Professionals of Catalonia and co-organizer of ScratchEd Meetups BCN.__

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Luca Pagliaricci
Project Manager at Association Study Centre City of Foligno


Luca Pagliaricci collaborates with Associazione Centro Studi di Foligno and other organizations as Project Manager and Consultant for EU-funded projects, and in particular for the Erasmus+ Programme. He is in charge of the implementation of the project activities where he is also responsible for financial management.

His main fields of action pertain to digital skills, social inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovation where he has been involved in several KA3 projects focused on policy recommendations. He has gained expertise in research and quality assurance frameworks, design of educational curricula and resources. Among other projects, he is currently working on the implementation of DCDS (Digital Competences Development System), Open-AE (Open technologies for Adult Education) and he is coordinating SEED (Smart Entrepreneurial Education in Digital Farming).


Guillem Porres Canals
Project manager at ESPLAI Foundation

Guillem_Porres CanalsGuillem is a project manager specialist on socio-educational action projects with young people with a Social Work background and a university diploma in Educational Robotics, Programming and 3D Printing.

He has worked as a clerk in municipal youth services, with features such as counselor, educator and associations advisor. 15 years linked to the Third Sector and to the e-Inclusion projects.

He currently coordinates a network of 60 digital spaces around Spain and a MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification programme focused on improving the digital skills of certain vulnerable groups.


Athanasios Priftis
Director of Ynternet.org Foundation

Athanasios_PriftisThanasis is the director of the Ynternet.org Foundation, whilst researching and lecturing for the University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.  He has previously worked as independent expert and project coordinator, notably, for the World Bank and the Open Government Partnership, an international platform for domestic reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

He enjoys working with children and adults in schools, cooperatives, business and other organizations wishing to change their preconceived ideas. Free/libre culture has proved a unique framework for doing this.


Roberto Righetti
General Director of ART-ER
Roberto Righetti

Roberto Righetti is General Director of ART-ER Attractiveness, Research Territory, the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that was born in April 2019 from the merger of ASTER and ERVET, with the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalisation of the region system.

Graduated (1988) in Economics at the University of Modena, Roberto has spent most of his professional career at ERVET (the regional development agency of Emilia Romagna). He has worked first as researcher on industrial economics and policy, then in coordination and management support functions and since 2008 as Executive Director. He is an expert in European structural funds (programming and evaluation), information society policies, industrial policy and economic internationalisation trends and policies.

Caroline Ann Salerno
Head of Inclusion and Change at YOOX NET A PORTER Group

Caroline Ann SalernoCaroline Salerno is the Head of Inclusion and Change at YOOX NET A PORTER Group. She began her professional career working for fashion brands in New York and in 2010 moved to Milan to pursue her master’s degree at SDA Bocconi.

Caroline joined YOOX NET A PORTER Group in 2016 and has covered multiple roles from Post-Merger Integration and Operational Excellence Manager to leading the group’s Mobile Transformation program. Today, she is responsible for the group’s diversity and inclusivity agenda.



Antonella Santilli
Childhood Business Unit Chief and Educational Project Manager at Open Group


Antonella is a specialist in educational and training process. She received her degree in University of Bologna (Educational sciences) and then got a Master’s on Team Work Management organized by University of Bologna.

She has worked for Open Group since 2009, and since 2014 she has been a Childhood Business Unit Chief and Educational Project Manager. Mainly, her customers are Municipalities of Bologna and Ferrara. Her job is to organize and manage everything concerning Educational Projects: budget, human resources, logistics, contact with social services, school or other training enterprises.

Since 2014 she has also been managing Digital educational project addressed to 0-6 years old children and families with interactive and creative workshops, meetings and training courses. Additionally there are training classes for kindergarten teachers and other cooperative companies concerning digital process and procedures, creative use of digital devices, and recreational smartphone applications.

Alessandro Saracino
Biotechnologist and Tech Specialist

Alessandro_SaracinoGraduated in Plant Biotechnology, he has been collaborating with the Golinelli Foundation since 2006 as a popularizer, laboratory tutor and educational technology expert.
Creator and developer of numerous laboratories and educational experiences about biology, chemical genetics, coding, physics, robotics, he is passionate about new technologies, art and alternative teaching and learning methods.

Esther Subias
Project Officer at Colectic


Esther Subias is a journalist and social educator, with a Master’s Degree in Education and ICT, postgraduate in family mediation, community mediator.

Esther is a manager and designer of technopedagogical projects in Colectic (formerly El Teb) and Director of the Digital Learning Postgraduate of the University of Barcelona.

She is a specialist in the educational, pedagogical and social use of ICT and works as a consultant and trainer of trainers and teachers in projects of the Generalitat of Catalonia, University of Barcelona, School of Public Administration, educational centers, European Projects, etc. She’s the author of various materials aimed at teachers for the pedagogical implementation of ICT in education and consultant and author of materials in five university degrees.

Esther is Ambassador of TechnovationChallenge Spain #TechnovationCAT, member of the Council of #M4Social, and ambassador #WomanLiderTIC.

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Toumazis Toumazi
Project Officer at Cyprus Computer Society

Toumazis Toumazi

Toumazis Toumazi is the Project Officer of the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS). He has very strong experience in managing projects, such as Erasmus+, COST Actions, LIFE, ENPI: European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, Tempus, Structural Funds, National and Bilateral projects, FP7 (total budget managed since 2011, around 11 Million euro). His duties among others include the coordination and work on project tasks including the financial control of the projects.

Toumazi has been working at the Cyprus Computer Society since April 2018, and he is also coordinating the Cyprus Cyber Security team and other dissemination activities. During the CODINC Project he was involved with coordinating both the development of the training, dissemination, experimentation and dissemination activities.


Ana Isabel Vitorica
Unit Head at the Basque Government Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Society Office

Ana VitoricaAna Isabel Vitorica is Unit Head and project manager for the programmes to promote the Information Society in the Basque Government Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Society Office. She coordinates the Digital Agenda of Euskadi 2020 and works in the design and management of initiatives to improve digital skills for people, companies and organisation.

Because of this, she is the director of the IKANOS initiative and the Basque Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs 4.0. Both of them are action plans of training routes, which include several tools (assessment tools, digital job profiles definition, guidance, certification of digital competences, PLE workforce development) along a modular process of improvement. Ikanos is a leader project for DigComp framework implementation.

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