• When and where is the event?

The event is organized in Bologna, on the 10th (full day) and 11th (half day) of October 2019.

Venue: Opificio Golinelli

Address: Via Paolo Nanni Costa 14, Bologna 40133

The bus transportation will be arranged for participants from Hotel Europa to the venue and back on both days.

  • How far is the venue  from the city centre?

The venue is about 10 minutes by car from the centre; about 25 minutes by public transport, and 45 minutes on foot.

  • How do I get to Bologna?

You can get by plane, train, or bus. Most likely you will get to Marconi Airpot BLQ, but definitely check the prices for nearby airports as well. Other airports where it is possible to land to reach Bologna are Venice, Bergamo, Milan, Verona, Florence. See more on the trains in the question below

  • How do i get to Bologna from the airport?

From Bologna Marconi Airport BLQ

A taxi from the airport to the centre costs about €20.

Aerobus is a shuttle service run by TPER, Bologna’s local transport company, connecting Bologna Airport with the city centre and the railway station. It runs every 11 minutes every day of the year. An Aerobus Ticket costs €6, and it stops outside the main terminal building. The ticket is also valid for 1 hour on the other buses in Bologna.

A new train connection is about to start – ‘People mover’ Marconi Express will take you in 7 minutes from the airport to the main Bologna’s train station (‘Stazione Centrale’). It is under final testing and should be operative in October. Tickets will cost €8.50

  • Which other cities can I fly to?

Due to its central location and geography, Bologna has emerged as the main rail transport hub of northern Italy, making it very well connected with other major Italian cities.

Other airports where it is possible to land to reach Bologna are Venice, Bergamo, Milan, Verona, Florence. They are all located between 1 and 2.5 hours drive from Bologna, but it is also possible to make the transfer by bus + train. All the airports are connected via bus to the main train stations, Florence, Milan or Venice, from where it is easy to reach Bologna. The price for the bus transfer is about € 5/10, while for the train tickets it can vary depending on the time of the purchase (one way from Florence is about €20, from Milan about € 30, from Venice about €40: the earliest you buy, the cheapest you get it).

The high-speed train to/from Milan takes only 65 minutes. Bologna is 37 minutes from Florence (or almost 3 hours with the slow train), 2 hours 20 minutes from Rome, 1.5 to 2 hours from Venice, 1 hour from Ferrara.

  • Anything to note, if I travel by car?

Visitors coming to the city by car can find convenient car parks, connected with public transports, or take advantage of the large underground parking areas and several garages in the historical centre (€20 per day approximately).

Visitors coming to town by car must bear in mind the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), a large area located within the historical centre of Bologna where circulation of motor vehicles is daily restricted from 7 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. The entrances to the ZTL area are monitored by Sirio “the electronic traffic warden”. Visitors are provided with special access to hotel facilities (including bed & breakfast), public garages of the Limited Traffic Zone.

  • How do I get around in Bologna?

The TPER company is in charge of the buses in Bologna. Useful information can be found on their website. Tickets may be purchased prior to boarding the bus or on the bus where there are ticket machines. If you see 2 machines on a bus (usually one red and one yellow) the red one will sell you a ticket (€1.5, valid for 75 minutes) and the yellow one will validate a ‘season’ or multi-trip ticket. Information and ticket centres can be found in central locations (railway station, coach station, city centre). Useful bus maps are also available there. These main ticket centres often sell multi-trip tickets at a discount (e.g. 10-trip ticket for €12). You can also purchase tickets in many shops (newsagents, tobacconists, cafés). The 24h ticket cost €5 (information from wikitravel).

  • Who is eligible for free accommodation?

1 representative from ALL DIGITAL Member organisation per 1 night; invited speakers and ALL DIGITAL Awards winners – for 2 nights; ALL DIGITAL Board members.

  • If I indicated in the registration form that I want to stay in the hotel, does it mean the organisers will book it for me?

Yes, organisers book it for you, if you are eligible.

  • Which nights does ALL DIGITAL reserve at the hotel?

ALL DIGITAL reserves the hotel in most cases for 2 nights (9 and 10 October). Board and projects partners have different arrangements.

  • If I want to stay at Hotel Europa at my own expense, can you book it for me?

We only have a limited number of rooms booked, so we ask you to book your own accommodation and pay directly.

  • Can you suggest any other hotels, besides Hotel Europa and Hotel De La Gare? 

There are a few events in Bologna around the same dates, and a lot of the hotels are reserved already, so we encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. However, if it is a not big group reservation, you will definitely be able to find something appropriate using the booking websites. We recommend staying in the city centre than closer to the venue.

  • Should I book my travel now?

The earlier you book your flights/trains, the cheaper it will be for you.


  • Do I need to register for the conference?

Yes, you do need to register. Please do it before 10 September otherwise we cannot guarantee your place at the conference.

  • How much does it cost to attend the conference?

Attendance is free, but registration is obligatory.

  • Can I bring a colleague?

Colleagues are welcome! They have to register for the event separately. Please remember, that if you represent an ALL DIGITAL member organization, then ALL DIGITAL covers accommodation for one person (unless you share a double room).

  • What are the times of sessions in the event?

You can look at the sessions timing in the Programme. The programme is updated regularly, so please keep checking it.

  • I have made a mistake in my registration form, but the form is already submitted. What should I do?

Please write to summit(at)all-digital.org and explain the mistake.

  • I have registered. Is it possible to know who else is going to attend the conference?

We ask all the delegates to mark their attendance on the Unite-IT website (a wider ALL DIGITAL community). Please sign up, if you haven’t done so, and mark your participation in the conference. There you will be able to see and connect to other attendees.

  • I still haven’t found the answer to my question. Who should i write to?

Please write to ALL DIGITAL Summit Team