Speakers 2021

The speakers are listed in the alphabetical order by last name.

Borut Cink

Programme Officer at ALL DIGITAL

Borut Cink joined ALL DIGITAL in June 2020 as a Programme Officer. He works on project implementation, fundraising and policy advocacy. He is  coordinating Social Hackademy, CDDC Crowddreaming, Open AE, Get Your Facts Straight and DevOps projects.

Before joining ALL DIGITAL, Borut worked for Slovene National Agency for Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps as a Programme Officer for Transnational Cooperation Activities and managed communication activities of the National Agency. From 2013 to 2016 he was coordinator of public relations and managing international projects at the National Youth Council. He has also experience in working for public institutions as he worked as a policy advisor at the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. Working in the civil society sector, especially in youth work, motivated him to develop his skills as a trainer and facilitator in non-formal education. Since 2019 he has also been a quality assessor for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes in Slovenia.

Borut has more than 10 years of professional and voluntary work experience with civil society organisations. He served as a board member of Young European Federalist in Slovenia and vice president for international cooperation at the National Youth Council of Slovenia. He has extensive experience with project and communications management, event management, policy-making and advocacy.

Borut holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Ljubljana and speaks Slovene, English, and Croatian.

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Achilles Kameas
Professor at Hellenic Open University, Chair of ALL DIGITAL Board

Achilles Kameas

Dr. Eng. Achilles D. Kameas is Professor of Pervasive and Global Computing Systems at Hellenic Open University (HOU). In HOU he serves as Deputy Dean of the School of Science & Technology, Director of the MSc course “Pervasive and Mobile Computing Systems” and Director of the Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing, Quality and Ambient Intelligence Laboratory. He is the Founder and Head of DAISSy  (Dynamic Ambient Intelligent Sociotechnical Systems) Research Group and Scientific Coordinator of Research Unit 3 at Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”.

Achilles serves as Chair of the Board of ALL DIGITAL European network and member of the ESCO Reference Group on ICT Services, the CEN PC428 on e-competences and ICT professionalism, the CEPIS IT Professionalism in Europe, the EADTU Course & Curriculum pool of experts, the ELOT Standardization Committee on Smart Cities, the National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and the ReBrain Greece initiative. He has participated in more than 60 EU and national R&D projects (coordinated more than 10 of them), has published more than 200 scientific articles, co-authored more than 10 books and received more than 2000 citations.

Achilles has been teaching formal and non-formal courses on ICT topics for over 25 years, pioneering the development of several MOOCs and blended courses on digital skills. He has contributed to standards EN 16234 (eCompetence Framework) and ISO 37101 (Smart and Sustainable Cities – Greek adaptation), used and evaluated DigComp 2.1 and co-authored the Manifesto for Enhancing Digital Competences across Europe. He is promoting the acquisition of ICT and digital skills by students, professionals and policy makers at regional, national and European levels. His current research interests include peer learning platforms and social systems, STE(A)M education, IoT and smart environments, digital skills, profiling of job roles and flexible learning paths.

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Claudia Matera
Project and Fundraising Officer at ALL DIGITAL

Claudia joined ALL DIGITAL in March 2021. Before, she worked as a researcher, project manager and lecturer at universities in the UK and Italy and for public and networking organisations in the Netherlands. Her background is within the contemporary arts carrying out research in the fields of Creative and Cultural Industries, Entrepreneurship, Education and E-learning, Digital Competencies and Gaming.

For longer than a decade, she managed and coordinated international EU funded projects fostering creative entrepreneurship and innovative technologies within the Creative and Cultural Sector. She had been one of the pioneers of mobile gaming development running an indie game company focused on educational games to raise awareness on topics with a social impact for youngsters or adults.

She holds a PhD in Contemporary History of Art investigating the economical and cultural relationships between the Arts and the Economy over the last four decades looking for interdisciplinary relationships. She speaks Italian, French and is looking to improve her Spanish and German.


Paolo Russo
General Secretary at Stati Generali dell’Innovazione

It is difficult for Paolo to give a name to his profession today, because for several years he has been doing a job that does not yet exist. When he tried to honestly answer the questions of the Italian government’s self-assessment tool, the system classified him as an astrologer or magician… it’s innovator’s curse. Certainly, for several years he has been acting as the General Secretary of the Stati Generali dell’Innovazione association in Italy.

Innovating and inventing are his great passions together with cats, mathematics and quantum models, arts and culture, Neil Gaiman’s novels and teaching young people. He feels privileged to belong to the generations who can first explore the new digital dimension of reality. For this reason he co-founded the CRHACK LAB F4D, where he plays with energy to create semantic value, trains young people to the not-yet existing jobs of the invisible digital cities and experiments on the generational transmission of digital cultural heritage.

He has a background as a member of several Italian government’s committees for digital development, and CEO of a few small companies in Italy and in the USA, where he also served as a representative of the State of Delaware for the development of cultural and commercial exchanges with Italy.


Altheo Valentini
General Manager of EGInA and Chair of ALL DIGITAL

Altheo ValentiniM.A. in “Publishing, Media and Journalism”, Altheo has been working for more than 15 years as a project manager in the framework of various financing instruments of the European Commission, with a particular focus on digital and social innovation, for which he has founded the European Grants International Academy Srl – EGInA, a training agency in the VET and Adult education sector and a consultancy company in European projects design and implementation.

Sociologist and communicator, Altheo deeply believes in transformative social change! For this reason, in 2016, after having being captured by the magic world of hackathons, he launched the first Social Hackathon Umbria, a 48-hour digital marathon for the co-creation of innovative solutions aimed at solving different societal challenges. Besides seating in the technical committee of the Italian National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs (Repubblica Digitale), he is a member of national associations and networks in the field of innovation (General States of Innovation) and digital cultural heritage (DiCultHer) and he is part of the board of some international organizations, including: ALL DIGITAL for the promotion of digital skills, EAQOM for the quality in international mobility projects for training purposes and the Europeana Education Community.

You can find his blogposts and news on adult education in EPALE, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe.

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Nenja Wolbers
Project Manager at Stiftung Digitale Chancen and Deputy Chair of ALL DIGITAL

Since 2013, Nenja Wolbers has been a Project Manager at Digital Opportunities Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Chancen), which represents about 6,000 telecentres in Germany. She is responsible for the development and implementation of various EU funded projects with international consortia with the objective to promote the digital inclusion of marginalized groups. During this time she organised the ALL DIGITAL Week in Germany and other participatory campaigns.

Nenja is an experienced online trainer and creator of online learning units. Nenja holds a Master’s degree in Sociology with specialization in European Societies. She wrote her thesis about the European social integration process, analysing the influence of people’s life experience on their perception of the EU. Seeing the importance of Europeanization, she believes that digital media is one key pillar for Europe to grow further together.

Nenja Wolbers is Vice-Chair of the Board of ALL DIGITAL.
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