Meet the Summit host – El Teb!

By Esther Subias, El Teb

Born on the initiative of educators and teachers of a district of Barcelona, ​​the Raval, to attend the needs of young people, El Teb is about to celebrate its 25 years of existence.


It is a pleasure for us to be the local partner of the All Digital Summit, together with our European friends, this year. This meeting will undoubtedly be an opportunity to continue networking, learning about new trends, and designing a digital future for citizens.

Under the motto “we work for social transformation through participation, learning and socialization of ICTs“, in the Teb more than 20 professionals from the social, pedagogical, technological and communication fields carry out their task to achieve full Inclusion of citizenship and development of the nearest territory.

We believe in and bet on the social and solidarity economy and we are flexible, innovative and, above all, social. And, of course, very technological: we defend the free software, we promote such innovative activities as programming with Scratch, 3D printing, digital citizens laboratories, robotics, etc. We like to experiment with technologies and discover the social and formative use they can have.

25 years of experience with ICT tools

10325508_1116581848382265_7067486840219639626_nOver the years, Teb professionals have learned from our daily practice in the Raval, and that is why we try to transfer that “know-how” and also our view of the world to other projects, other entities and other places. For example, we created the first telecenter in Catalonia and we have helped to develop the other 650 ones. We manage, at the request of the Government of Catalonia, the network of Telecentres Punt TIC and also projects of advice to the associations. We learn from them.

CodeClubMakers-700x560Always in social settings, we help entities and citizens to incorporate technologies to better manage and communicate and develop their own networks and activities (training, workshops, projects, etc.). We also develop web platforms and e-learning training, based on the use of free software. We provide very specific training on the social use of digital tools and, in recent years, we have participated in European technology projects with our ALL DIGITAL partners. We are always learning and offering our knowledge, freely and openly.

In Teb we believe in technology as a tool of transformation; in innovation as a strategy to solve the problems in different ways; in communication and storytelling as powerful tools of empowerment.

Welcome! If you enter the Teb, you enter your home.