Registration is open for ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT 2017 in Barcelona

In its tenth year, ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre Europe) will return to its birthplace, Barcelona, to organise the 10th annual summit under the theme of Digital Skills for Social Innovation on 4-5 October 2017. The event will be held at the CaixaForum in Barcelona and hosted by the Spanish member El Teb Association in collaboration with Fundación Esplai and Government of Catalonia. The Summit is the final conference of the CodeMob project.

Who we are


Back in 2007, a group of digital inclusion leaders, with support from Microsoft met for the first time in Barcelona to discuss scaling up local and national initiatives and the potential of a thematic network at European level. That is where Telecentre-Europe was born, to become a family united by one purpose: empower Europe through digital skills.

Ten years later, we are a major European Association in the field of digital inclusion and empowerment. Our vision that every European should be able to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by digital transformation has led us in 2017 to become ALL DIGITAL.


The Summit

The ALL DIGITAL Summit 2017 will bring together leaders from networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills to share and learn from each other. It will provide an opportunity to explore a range of digital social innovations in developing competences that citizens, organisations, and communities need to embrace in order to reap the benefits of the digital society. dsc_6713These innovations include mobile learning, coding for digital inclusion, collaborative opportunities on the social internet, STEAM education and many others.

Participants will discover and discuss the changing role of digital competence centres (telecentres), and how they can be enriched with an open approach to innovation. The mandate of digital competence centres has been to empower citizens in developing their digital, social, entrepreneur and employability skills.

dsc_6847Nowadays, the centres becoming more innovative spaces than ever before, developing and applying new learning strategies and approaches, expanding their scope to include co-creation, mobile learning, coding, use of open data, digital manufacturing tools and much more. The centres offer citizens new tools that empower them to become ‘prosumers’ and to co-generate content, knowledge and new collaborative opportunities (in both social and labour fields) within the framework of the Social Internet. They help to include citizens in the labour market and to create new circular, collaborative, and cooperative economies. The delegates will explore and share these new approaches in a variety of discussion groups, workshops, and plenary sessions.

To learn more about the upcoming event, please check the Summit Programme.

Registration is now open on our website. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

ALL DIGITAL Summit 2017 is co-organised by two projects
  • I-LINC is a project funded through Horizon2020 by the European Commission. I-LINC created a stakeholder platform as well as a community of experts and organisations that foster employment and entrepreneurship through digital skills. In 2017, I-LINC will host one of the sessions at the Summit.
  • The CodeMob project (Teaching coding and mobile devices in telecentres) is aimed at designing and piloting two courses on coding and the effective use of mobile devices training curriculum for e-Facilitators and end-users. ALL DIGITAL Summit 2017 will host the project’s final event. The CodeMob results will be presented in a various ways. Learn more
Local hosts

El Teb Association
logo-eltebEl Teb is a non-profit organization working for social and digital inclusion in Barcelona. El Teb believes in the Social and Solidarity Economy and the Technological Sovereignty, stands for Free Software and promotes innovative activities on programming, robotics, 3D printing, etc. El Teb manages one of the first telecentres in Spain and contributed to the birth of the first telecentre network in Catalonia, in 1999. Currently, El Teb works on coordination and advice of the 650 telecentres of the Punt TIC Network. Read the Welcome post from El Teb and learn more about their activities


Punt TIC Network
logo-puntticPunt TIC is the Catalan network of telecentres. Born in 1999, currently comprises 650 centres, which promote social and digital innovation, co-working, entrepreneurship, digital inclusion, educational robotics, etc. The telecentres are managed by local administrations or private entities, and the Catalan Government coordinates them, through the Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society. Read the Welcome post from Punt TIC and learn more about their activities


Esplai Foundation

logo-fundacioesplaiFundación Esplai is a Spanish national organization promoting committed citizenship with social inclusion, social-educational action and a responsible use of ICT, with a specific focus on childhood and youth, beating for the momentum of third sector.  Fundación Esplai is working in four specific areas: social-educational and e-inclusion, training and employability; third sector empowerment; and innovation. Fundación Esplai has been a partner of ALL DIGITAL from the very beginning in 2007. Read the Welcome post from Esplai and learn more about their activities

Social Media

Previously called the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference, the event has been one of the main meeting points for leaders of digital competence networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills.

Since 2008, ALL DIGITAL has organised nine annual conferences for its member organizations and stakeholders. Last year, the three-day event Digital Skills for Future Work in Ghent, Belgium, was attended by over 120 participants and sponsored by Liberty Global and Cisco. Learn more about the event


Participants of Telecentre Europe Annual Conference 2016 in Ghent, Belgium