Project Marketplace at ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018

Would you like to present your project or initiative but you don’t have a speaker role at the Summit? Then our Project Marketplace is for you!


If you are registered for the Summit, take a chance to get a spot at our Out of the Box “marketplace” to showcase your initiatives, your organisation, or your project.

The marketplace will be there for the whole duration of the Summit, i.e. from 9:00 on 18th October until 14:00 on the 19th October. The ‘activities’ will take place during breaks. The Out of the Box area is right next to the plenary room, so everybody will be there, and it is impossible to miss.

Are you afraid to be left alone that nobody will come to your stand? It won’t happen because the coffee-breaks are in the same area. You can take your coffee, invite a couple (or twenty) participants and lead them to your stand.


How to showcase?

>> Like in any marketplace, you can do it in many different ways, depending on what you have to ‘sell’.

>> Like in any marketplace, the ‘selling techniques’ can vary from you walking around with your ‘goods’ to arranging little shared ‘stalls’ and setting up bigger ‘boutiques’.

>> Like in any marketplace, you can showcase a whole range of your products:

  • You have brochures/leaflets but prefer to walk around yourself? You can leave them on the desk and maybe add a note who the people need to find, if they have questions.
  • You have a roll-up? There is plenty of space for roll-ups. You can either leave it alone or you can be there and talk to people
  • You can get the whole ‘stall’ for yourself – the desk with access to the socket. We will provide the desk, and you can use your computer to show presentations, websites, digital resources, etc. You can organise your desk as you wish, also with leaflets and promo materials.

>> Like in any marketplace, you will be responsible for the setup of your stall. We would ask you to arrive before 09:00 to have time to install all you need so that we can start at 09:00.

>> UNLIKE any marketplace, the organisers need to know your offers beforehand. That is why we ask all participants to fill in the survey where (among other important questions) you can let us know what you would like to bring to the Project Marketplace.

>> UNLIKE any marketplace, we will issue a ‘guide’ to it, if there are many projects to showcase – the Summit participants will get a list with all the showcased projects, so that you know what and who to look for.

So… would you like to join the marketplace? Fill it in with your initiatives and projects!