The DIGCOMP Track of the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2020 will have a panel on 7 October and two workshops – on 7 and 8 October

Panel 1. DIGCOMP: Towards Version 2.2 of the DigComp Framework

7 October 11:35 – 12:20

Identifying digital skills and needs have been a challenge throughout the whole world. At the European level, the DigComp Framework provides the comprehensive approach, which can be adapted to many areas of life: education, employability, active citizenship and social inclusion. The recent update (2.1) of the DigComp Framework addresses that need at European level, by defining eight proficiency levels for 5 competence areas along 3 dimensions: complexity of tasks, autonomy and cognitive domain.

What are the implications of the fast developing digital technology to request the update of the Framework into a new version 2.2.?  Experts from different organizations will share their visions and opinions!

Workshop: DigComp 2.2.

7 October  15:10 – 16.40
Riina Vuorikari, Research Fellow at European Commission Joint Research (Presentation)

 The workshop will give concrete examples of how the DigComp 2.2 update process will take place and how stakeholders will be able to participate in the process. During the workshop, examples will be given of the new statements of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to a number of DigComp competences. There will also be a discussion to get feedback from stakeholders on how to deal with new and emerging contexts (e.g. Covid-19); new emerging topics such as misinformation and disinformation (e.g. fake news, deep fakes), and also with emerging technologies (AI, VR, social robotics) and datafication of every aspect of our lives (e.g. personal data). Participants will be asked to reflect on new examples to be included in DigComp 2.2 and possibly bring references to their own examples of training material, assessment tests, etc. that deal with these new topics.

Workshop: Future skills and job profiles for tomorrow

8 October 10:00-11:30 
Thomas Schmidt
and Jutta Schneider, Helliwood, Germany (Presentations)

Auditor for Algorithms, Cyber Attack Agent or Language-UX-Designer are professional profiles which are related to the technological development of Artificial Intelligence and which will be relevant in future years. Regarding the current technological development those professional profiles will come up to manage challenges or different social situations. For that young people’s and employee’s skills will need to be adapted to the DigComp and focus on needed aspects.

The workshop will lead its participants to identify competences of future job profiles in relation to the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. We will discuss which competences will be needed in companies of the future. Further we will present the future jobs map related to future skills and open the discussion to workshop participants about the future competences. The participants will check their own competences with the support of a competence test which was developed within the initiative IT Fitness of Helliwood media & education.