About ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018

On 18-19 October 2018, ALL DIGITAL (formerly Telecentre-Europe) will organise its 11th annual summit under the title DIGITAL JOURNEY: FROM INCLUSION TO EMPOWERMENT. The event is held in Brussels, it is co-hosted by our Belgian member MAKS vzw and supported by Google.

The Summit will bring together ca. 200 leaders of networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills of all European citizens.

Who we are

Barca_2007We were established in 2007 on the initiative of digital inclusion leaders with support from Microsoft first as an informal thematic network, and in 2010 – as a formal international non-profit association. Eleven years later, we are a major European Association in the field of digital inclusion and empowerment, but also a family united by one purpose: empower Europe through digital skills.

Our vision is that every European should be able to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by digital transformation. We are ALL DIGITAL. Our members are organisations leading the networks of digital competence centres – low threshold community centres, NGOs, libraries, other public places where people get access to technology and the Internet and learn digital skills.


The Summit

Our journeys to become engaged digital citizens, skilled workers, empowered educators or inspiring leaders are powered today by digital skills and tools. Our digital journeys start from inclusion, from realising that digital tools are for everyone, from feeling safe and comfortable with our own capacities, from being empowered by our own knowledge. Empowered citizens are digitally literate, lifelong learners, and proactive in the digital society, the society that we want to be inclusive and smart.

At ALL DIGITAL we believe that an inclusive society is where everybody can thrive, grow and be empowered, and in the Digital Age digital skills are a key vector to achieve this. And a smart inclusive society is:

  • more equal; more tolerant; more democratic
  • more critical; more active
  • better prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

IMG_1415The ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 will propose and debate ideas and solutions that address the challenges of supporting citizens with their digital journeys in an ever-changing social and technology landscape. It will explore the significant role of digital skills to improve media literacy, global citizenship education, integration of migrants and refugees, human rights protection and awareness-raising, addressing societal issues in a smart and inclusive way.

IMG_1052Participants will discuss the role of digital competence centres in teaching digital and civic competences and how they can work together with education and training organisations, public authorities, business, policy makers, social inclusion actors, cultural organisations, other civil society organisations and learners themselves to create bridges between all these sectors. The mandate of digital competence centres has been to empower all citizens with digital, social, entrepreneur and employability skills. Nowadays, we also put emphasis on the 21st century skills, which include media literacy, critical thinking, team work, multicultural understanding and much more. Digital competence centres offer holistic approaches that combine those skills and act as experimentation labs for new learning and teaching methodologies and strategies.

The delegates will explore and share these new approaches in a variety of discussion groups, workshops, and plenary sessions.

Social Media
ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 is co-organised by projects


brights_logo_smThe ALL DIGITAL Summit will host the final event of the BRIGHTS “Boosting Global Citizenship Education using digital storytelling” project. BRIGHTS is a 2-year project coordinated by ALL DIGITAL and co-funded by the EC ERASMUS+ programme under the action KA3 Social Inclusion through Education, training and youth.

The project is implemented in Belgium, Croatia, Greece and Italy and promotes Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in formal and non-formal Education with the help of digital storytelling (DS) techniques, leading to more socially inclusive education and training policies and practices in Europe.

BRIGHTS objectives are to build teachers’ and trainers’ capacity to implement GCE with young people using digital storytelling techniques, and to empower young people to develop social, civic and intercultural competences as well as critical thinking, media literacy, creativity and digital skills.


243_20170816_Huristo_logo_The Summit hosts the final event of the HURISTO: Human Rights Storytelling project. The purpose of the project is to develop a methodology for awareness raising and advocacy about the European Human Rights Charter as a part of global citizenship education with low-skilled adult learners (refugees and migrants living in the city and natives living in rural places). This methodology is based on digital storytelling; project partners have worked on personal narratives illustrating different topics of the charter.

The main result for the adult learners are increased digital skills, reading and writing skills, awareness about the Human Rights Charter and European citizenship. The work on the charter and the personal narratives should also improve participants’ analytic media literacy, interpersonal and intercultural skills, but also core skills for employability like teamwork, problem solving, learning to learn and communication. Additionally, the adult trainers who are involved increase their teaching skills using digital media and the methodology of digital storytelling in particular.

The Summit is supported by

google_PNG19644Google‘s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful for everyone. Our goal is to help maximize the best of what technology has to offer kids and families, while minimizing the risks. We want young people, parents and educators to have the knowledge they need to make smart and responsible choices online and we invest heavily in digital literacy resources and programs across Google to help build an informed and responsible generation of digital citizens. Find out more at safety.google

Local hosts

MAKS vzw

maks_logoMaks is situated in one of the most deprived neighbourhoods of Brussels – Kuregem. Most inhabitants here come from an immigrant background. Within a population of about 27,000 spread over just 2km², there are over 80 different nationalities. Both the unemployment and illiteracy rates are high. The unemployment rate reaches an alarming double of the Brussels average rate.

Maks empowers people to create their own success stories. Its three subdivisions work closely together offering accessible environment to help people acquire 21st century (computer) and basic native language (Dutch, French) skills:

  • Maks Digitaal,  manages 3 open acces e-learning centres, 2 in Kuregem and 1 in Molenbeek,  with entry level courses and media education projects, working with children and youngsters but also with adults and senior citizens. Maks Digitaal also offers schooling projects and offers digital learning methods and courses to teachers, schools and non – profit organizations in Brussels.
  • Maks Werk, an employment counselling service, with a specific program for NEETS from 18 till 25. Maks Werk also focuses on the most vulnerable groups in society with specific counselling and guidance according to their specific profile.
  • Maks Grafisch Bureau, a graphics service in social economy, where unemployed people with graphic skills get further training and working experience and deliver socially correct and premium quality graphic products.


Previously called Telecentre-Europe Annual Conference and Telecentre-Europe Summit, the event has been one of the main meeting points for leaders of digital competence networks and organisations working to enhance digital skills.

Since 2008, ALL DIGITAL has organised ten annual events for its member organizations and stakeholders. Last year, the three-day event Digital Skills for Social Innovation in Barcelona, Spain, was attended by over 150 participants. It was hosted by ALL DIGITAL member Colectic (formerly El Teb), in collaboration with Generalitat de Catalunya and Esplai Foundation. It was supported by laCaixa Foundation, City Council of Barcelona, GSMA Mobile World Capital, HP, and Telapolis. Learn more


Participants of ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 in Barcelona