From digital inclusion to more advanced eSkills for the 21st century

Since 2008, Telecentre Europe has organized 6 annual gatherings for its member organizations and stakeholders that brought together around 500 participants from all corners of Europe and beyond. The name of the annual gathering changed over the time, bringing us to the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in 2014.

tourism-zagreb-croatia-wallpaperIn its 7th year, the Telecentre Europe Annual Conference will be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 24-26 September 2014. Organized by Telecentre Europe and co-organised by European project leaders (UNITE-IT, Trans e-facilitator and TMA -Telecentre Multimedia Academy), the event will gather telecentre leaders, representatives of digital empowerment organizations and stakeholders from at least 20 countries.

The main theme of this year’s conference is centered on the eSkills required for the 21st century workplace, in connection to the European Commission’s running campaign eSkills for Jobs.

Linked to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, the campaign tackles the current shortfall of eSkills in Europe, by raising awareness on the need for citizens to improve their eSkills. The event will explore opportunities and challenges to enable telecentres, libraries and the e-facilitators to act as multipliers of eSkills in their communities, equipping citizens with the necessary set of eSkills, and actively contributing to the above mentioned EC’s initiatives.

In support to the main theme, Telecentre Europe proposes two other exciting topics for the event:

  • Digital Inclusion. Considering that 100 million Europeans are still offline, most of them representing disadvantaged groups, telecentres created and promote the UniteIT network to spread knowledge and share best practices across Europe.
  • Digital multimedia skills. People are creating their own content, while changing paradigms of the multimedia. Telecentre Multimedia Academies are created to teach people, especially youngsters, multimedia skills.

The 3-day event is structured to reflect the journey from digital inclusion (Day 1) to the more advanced eSkills for jobs (Day 2), with a focus this year on multimedia skills (Day 3).